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The Last State (Part 8/8)

Oh, Florida… How I missed thee. About an hour after I entered Florida the hills subsided and the roads became flatter. Also, the roads opened up which was really nice.

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Unleashed (Part 7/8)

Right when I entered Alabama I was happy. The shoulders on the roads had instantly widened. But they still weren’t perfect.

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4 States in 1 (Part 6/8)

First off, let me say I understand how late I am for putting this up. Life has just been a bit hectic and every time I thought I had time to sit down and write… I didn’t.

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Oh the Humidity! (Part 5/8)

I entered Missouri on August 31st around 7:00 P.M. The sun was going down but I was on my way to the Rock Port RV Park so I did not have to worry about finding a place to camp for the night.

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Cornhusker (Part 4/8)

I reached Nebraska on August 7th. After spending a good amount of time in Wyoming I forgot what it was like to see trees around. Although, this feeling didn’t last long; trees soon dispersed and eventually gave way to farms. Farm after farm after farm.

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A Whole Lotta Nothin' (Part 3/8)

Wyoming can be quite barren, but don’t let the title to this blog make you think I didn’t like it. I actually thought Wyoming was awesome!

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Potatoes and Big Sky (Part 2/8)

Tony and I did not stay in Idaho very long. I believe it was a little over a week since we were just going through the very top portion of the state. We made our way along I90… Who says you can’t walk along the interstate??

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It Begins! (Part 1/8)

My Journey Across the Country.

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